PoolSchools Offers 

Infants 6-24 month  (Jan 2016)

Parent and child classes 2-4 yrs

Group lessons from 4 yrs & above  

Adult lesson - Non-swimmers to advanced

Special needs swimming 

Private lessons

Stamina and swim fit 

Holiday crash course 

Triathlon club (Reigate Only)

FREE lessons for non swimmers


About Pool Schools

Welcome to PoolSchools

We believe the environment and process of learning matters and that the whole swimming experience is key to learning. To achieve this we limit numbers in the pool, employ ASA level 2 teachers. PoolSchools use the Aqua Quack swim scheme which combines four key strokes and key aquatic elements and…….

Innovative & Fun 

The “Aqua Quacks” swim scheme is innovative, delivering a fantastic experience for our pupils.

It uses the core methodology of structured lessons focussing on developing the technique of all four stroke all delivered in a safe, fun environment.

PoolSchools also offers

Infant Swimming sessions ..youtube link to follow Slinfold G & CC Only 

 Parent and Child classes “Ducks” youtube link to follow 

Junior Lessons aged 4 and above  youtube link to follow

Adult Swimming sessions ..youtube link to follow